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Ghanaian Fintech Float Raises $17m Seed To Power Cash Flow For Commerce In Africa

float cash flow

Wave is free accounting software designed for very small businesses and independent contractors. With Wave, users can generate accounting reports, track sales and expenses, manage invoices and payments and pay employees. Wave also recently started offering a cash flow statement feature. The company aims to serve as the “financial operating system” for Africa’s small and medium businesses. Float is easy to use and not overly complex making it easy for clients to understand. The integrations with accounting software such as Xero ensures it is kept up to date and makes cashflow planning a relatively quick and a regular task – which is key to managing finances. The ability to forecast easily for different scenarios is a very useful feature that allows a business to easily see the impact of making changes.

float cash flow

Float can also integrate well with QuickBook and Xero, another accounting software my team and I use. Float is an award-winning operational cash flow forecasting add-on for Xero, Quickbooks Online, and FreeAgent.Forecasting in Float is visual, accurate and intuitive, taking a fraction of the time compared to sp… Delightfully simple, award-winning, cashflow management software! float cash flow Float automates your cash forecasting saving you hours of time each month… To speed up your collection float, you must compress the time between receiving cash and checks and depositing them in the bank. To do this, you can designate a post office box for all invoice payments. This reduces the likelihood that checks get lost in the mail on the way to your office.

Simple Software With Amazing Features

We’re moving to a weekly view option as well, and adding more functionality around things like formulas, linking budgets based on other budgets. “The big challenge is that credit needs of businesses are very different. The credit needs of retail are very different from the credit needs of a services business, or the credit needs of agriculture, business or pharmaceutical or medical supplies businesses,” said the chief executive. “We needed credit and proceeded to get an overdraft from a long-term partner bank where we had transacted more than $100,000.

  • That’s probably been the biggest one, seeing businesses going to their accountants and saying ‘help, what are we going to do, what runway have we got?
  • At the moment, you must already be signed up for either Xero, FreeAgent or Quickbooks Online to use Float.
  • Many factors determine how long that period is and actually, if a business is large enough, they can use cash float to manage their cash flow.
  • It helps our clients keep on track of their cash flow forecasting easier than before as it’s so easy to understand whilst being very granular.
  • Inside Float, you can also generate cash flow reports in order to see where the money is coming in and where it’s going.
  • Or there were tools like us that would add a significant cost to their operations and maybe they didn’t need a huge amount .

Its budgeting feature lets you create the type of budget that is right for your business, from a simple high-level small business budget to a detailed multi-department operating budget. Its analytics tool also helps you keep stakeholders in the loop. Have a lot to say around this like having an annual review, sitting down with a customer and asking what’s important to them. Then building in these monthly or quarterly checkpoints to review cash flow. We see some apps take the Swiss Army knife route where they’ve got scissors and a toothpick and all that stuff. I think cash flow is one of those things that everybody thinks is important. If you start broadening your focus, it’s really hard – there’s still so much more to do on cash flow.

Apps To Help You Predict Your Cash Flow

I really like integration between Float and Xero accounting tool, updates are reflected immediately. Icon »The ability to forecast easily for different scenarios is a very useful feature that allows a business to easily see the impact of making changes. » Can I use Float without an accounting software platform?

The promo information says you can have this up and running within the day, which maybe you can but I don’t think that I would want to reply on its https://xero-accounting.net/ data. It takes time to check the data is correct and even the if the correct information is recorded within Quick Books in the correct place.

  • It was relatively easy to set up for each client compared to other cash flow software apps on the market.
  • So I think it’s a risky strategy just to focus on compliance.
  • Cash Flow Frog offers three packages with pricing variants dependent on the buyer’s annual revenue and subscription model.
  • Having an online c/f which links to Xero has enabled me to have c/f conversations real-time with clients and run multiple scenarios.
  • You can trust that the data you see in Float is accurate.
  • When doing the math to calculate your disbursement and collection float, they should both be positive numbers.

And we’ve got so much we want to add to that, we’re just getting started. And we look around at the apps that we use to run our business.

Xero is the most used online accounting software for operational cash flow forecasting tool. The float app seamlessly integrates with Xero to keep the Forecasting of the cash Flow updated with a live and rolling picture of the cash flows. Float is an online cash management and forecasting tool that helps you manage your business and keep on top of your cash flow. It helps users drill down into the details of their finances. Also, it helps users create possible scenarios and plan for them.

Cash Float Defined

Particularly helpful is the ability to create various scenarios for future work. I was actively seeking a cashflow App that was easy to set up, use and maintain. I had tried Apps that were more feature-rich but for my clients simplicity and easy of use was their priority. I have now been using it on a daily basis with clients for over 2 months and find it does a great job. I will be implementing Float as part of my essential App Stack – Hubdoc-Xero-Float. Overall I have found this software very helpful and also the customer service is really good. I always get a fast response and I love the fact that they are always looking to improve the software.

Was doing everything in Excel previously and this replaced it perfectly. I can see cash flow projections now for the next 3 years and feel confident it’s correct. I can also create scenarios to budget for the ‘what-ifs’. It links directly to Xero as well saving me easily a whole day every month. I find the system to be very helpful in presenting the information you need but as yet I have not been able to understand the reports which it is generating. If you wish to print and send cash flow information to someone else you can but you can not have your company logo shown on the report but by default you can have the Float logo shown!

The support is superb with one-to-one training for new users and the support staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. HI Benites, thank you for taking the time to leave a review of Float. We’re delighted to hear Float is helping you keep track of your cash flow and make decisions for your business. You can update the expected payment dates when you get new information, and Float will populate and revise the cash flow forecast. Float has since evolved from being a complicated spreadsheet to a software that helps businesses across the world make informed decisions about their cash.


The processing float is usually longer and also best shown when the payment is made by check. In fact, when the mail arrives, the check has to be separated from the remittance advice and prepared for deposit. Only then it will be actually deposited at the payee’s bank. Hence, the time delay it takes, from receiving the check and actually depositing it goes under the name of processing float. Looking at the characteristics of the two components described, the mail and the processing float, we can infer that these are the same from the view of both the receiving party and the paying party.

We’re adding a lot more granularity about how you set budgets. So we recently launched a multi-budget functionality which allows you to set a much more granular view of the budgets rather than just one budget for your chart of accounts. So we’ve been working more and more to make our budgeting capacity as flexible as possible. In fact, you can do a lot more with multiple scenarios. You have to open another tab and copy over your budget, or you put in a formula to do this scenario. And hopefully it whets the appetite for businesses as they get ahold of cash flow.

Cash Flow Advisory In Float: Ongoing Advisory

Float is so easy to use for us, but also for our client. It helps our clients keep on track of their cash flow forecasting easier than before as it’s so easy to understand whilst being very granular. That’s probably been the biggest one, seeing businesses going to their accountants and saying ‘help, what are we going to do, what runway have we got? I think [Covid-19 has] pushed a lot of businesses to think about getting cash flow in a much more real time set up that they can rely on.

float cash flow

Understand your cash flow with a simple, yet powerful heatmap of daily cash balances, highlighting any forecasted cash flow shortfalls. FinancesOnline is available for free for all business professionals interested in an efficient way to find top-notch SaaS solutions. We are able to keep our service free of charge thanks to cooperation with some of the vendors, who are willing to pay us for traffic and sales opportunities provided by our website. Cash Flow Frog is a tool used to understand the current and future state of a business’ finance to help in making smarter business decisions. Here’s How to Find Out.Your business credit score is a key metric used by banks and other investors when deciding whether you pose a worthwhile financial risk.

The only cash flow software that seamlessly connects with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop — no data entry to start. Float offers scalable plans based on the number of users. You may check out its 14-day free trial first which gives you full access to the software.

The Best Apps And Tools To Track Business Cash Flow

I am not affiliated with the app and if you want you can check their website and I will add the link in the description below. I want to introduce to you an app called Float, that does the heavy lifting for you to have clear visibility of your cash flow. Our very own experts are here to answer your cash flow questions. Submit a question, or check out previously answered questions. This app has not only created value for my clients but a return for my firm. Out of the many apps I’ve tried, I haven’t come across one that integrates simply, truly forecasts automatically, and provides deep enough insights until I started on CashFlowTool. I can’t wait to share this and the ease of using this app.